Brothers & Sisters Homes

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Thank you for your interest in joining one of our homes. We invite you to review our requirements to see if Brothers & Sisters Homes would be a good fit for you or your loved one.



Our homes are for individuals with varying degrees of cognitive disabilities. That being said, we encourage our residents to live as independently as possible. Their responsibilities include showering on their own, taking care of personal hygiene, completing household chores, and attending a day program or job on weekdays.

Each resident is held to a high standard of conduct and should adhere to the guidelines established by the Holland Deacons’ Conference, which include respecting others and their property, participating in home activities, and maintaining non-aggressive behavior. We strive for household harmony, where residents blend well and develop healthy, beneficial relationships with one another and our staff. To learn more, read our full list of criteria:

Application Process

  1. The applicant completes and submits the Brothers & Sisters Homes application

  2. When an opening in a house occurs, the Holland Deacons’ Conference will review current applications and contact each applicant to confirm they are still interested

  3. A Community Mental Health Screening is conducted to ensure that:

    • HDC’s admission criteria are met

    • Residents are able to receive available community services

    • Appropriate individualized plans of service are prepared

    • An appropriate mix of residents is maintained

  4. We conduct an interview with prospective resident and their parent or guardian, if deemed appropriate

  5. The applicant visits the house and might stay for dinner

  6. The applicant stays for a three-day trial at the house

  7. The applicant may also stay for a one or two-week trial at the house

  8. The applicant moves in for a 90-day trial at the house

  9. A final decision is made