Brothers & Sisters Homes

Admission Criteria



The applicant must have a developmental disability as defined by the State of Michigan.




The applicant’s general health must be adequate for participation in out-of-home activities.




Applicants must be employed or anticipating employment.

  • Alternately, the applicant may be enrolled in a full-time educational program, so long as this activity will continue for a reasonable amount of time (12 months).

  • Each resident will seek to be employed or involved in an out-of-home adult activity program Monday through Friday, ideally from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm, if feasible.



Applicants or their legal guardians must be able to make available necessary funds to meet the monthly rent and care payments due on the first of each month.


Applicants should possess such levels of self-help skills as to be able to carry out daily living practices, such as basic personal hygiene—with monitoring, if needed, but without routine intervention by the house supervisors or resident support staff.


Applicants should be free of serious personality disorders and other major maladaptive behavior.


Prior to moving into the home, applicants and/or their guardian will make arrangements for payment of monthly costs to the Holland Deacons’ Conference office. Other methods of payment involving the exchange of goods or services for monthly costs are not permitted.


Prior to moving into the home, residents and their parents and/or guardians must have resolved the question of limited or full guardianship. It is inappropriate for HDC staff or board members to fill this role.


Applicants must be willing to live within the Grounds for Removal of a resident, as required by adult foster care licensing in the State of Michigan.