Brothers & Sisters Homes

Grounds for Removal



Socially unacceptable behavior(s)

These would be seen by the house supervisor, who will work with the Community Mental Health (CMH) staff to resolve the problem. Joint programming must result in a written, remedial plan indicating a time frame. Such a plan may be requisite to a resident remaining in the home, as the good order of the home cannot be sacrificed to accommodate one person. The Board of Directors retains final authority in determining what is unacceptable behavior. Should the house supervisors and the CMH staff not agree on the definition and/or remedy concerning certain behavior manifestations, either party may request that the Board of Directors make a determination. Both sides shall be presented at such a meeting.

Exception: Should the behavior of the resident result in police intervention, the Board of Directors may require unqualified removal.




Reduction of a resident’s income

Whether SSI or an outside supplement, any reduction must be grounds for removal unless alternative funding can be demonstrated by the CMH, the resident, or a guardian.




Loss of employment

Loss of employment or reaching the age of 26 without obtaining employment or participation in an adult activity program would constitute an immediate challenge. Board policy states that there must be out-of-home activity for all residents. Should a resident go for more than 32 days without obtaining adequate day programming, this would seen as grounds for removal.



A serious, long-term decline in the resident’s health

This shall necessitate transfer to a nursing care facility or another adult foster care home with additional services to accommodate the physical or behavioral need. The Board and its staff have neither the expertise nor the resources to serve as an appropriate health care provider.



Marriage by a resident shall be grounds for removal.


A persistent inability to fit in with the home’s group atmosphere

Continually refusing to take part in group activities, for example, will lead to an effort in modifying the behavior through the individual’s treatment plan with the CMH. A continuing failure to respond may lead to the resident’s removal.



Misrepresentation of a resident, whether by self, parents, guardians, institutions, or social service agency may result in the Board demanding immediate removal.